Gluecifer: Get the Horn


By Mike Pace

Forged in the flames of Norse rock ‘n’ roll mythos, Gluecifer emerge victors in the never-ending battle of good versus bad music. Despite their less-than-spectacular moniker, the band is emblazoned with all of the greasy trademarks of That Great Sound: costumes, lyrics about leather, cities, and being badass, catchy choruses, and just a tinkling of piano. In fact, this six-song sampler proves to be just the appetizer Sub Pop (reinventing itself as the new home of Rawk, signing such acts as the Hellacopters, Nebula, and…) needed to release to whet anxious listeners’ ears.

Consisting of previously released material from the band’s 1998 opus, Soaring With Eagles at Night to Rise With Pigs in the Morning, and 1997’s, Ridin’ the Tiger, each track rocks in a Rocket From the Crypt/MC5 vein without sounding derivative, perhaps because Gluecifer do it so well.

Although they have been releasing records since 1995, my introduction to the band came with seeing them open for bastions of rock, Nashville Pussy, and although Gluecifer’s stage presence was challenged by the lesbianic activities of the Pussy’s performance, the men from Oslo firmly held their ground and provided me with an exciting set.

In short, Gluecifer should be rock stars. In the words of the bumper sticker on the back of my grandfather’s RV, “if it’s a-rockin’ don’t come a-knockin’.” While that doesn’t pertain to anything here, I encourage fans of music in general to support this band.

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