Dirty Loops - “Accidentally in Love” (audio) (Premiere)

[29 July 2014]

By Brice Ezell

With “Accidentally in Love”, the Swedish pop trio Dirty Loops has done something pretty impressive with what might otherwise have been a rote and near laughable take on ‘80’s pop. (With the right modifications, it could have been Kenny Loggins number.) The group, consisting of Jonah Nilsson (vocals/piano), Henrik Linder (bass), and Aaron MellergĂ„rdh (drums), clearly knows just how to toy with a classic formula, in this case the ‘80’s synth-pop formula. Nilsson’s vocals, quite reminiscent of Justin Timberlake, are immediately appealing, but especially striking the instrumentation on “Accidentally in Love”. The slap n’ pop bass is a nice touch, but even more dynamic are the song’s multiple time signature changes. Just when you think it’s settled into its saccharine groove, the trio finds a way to upend the listener’s expectations.

This eminently danceable number is a standout cut from the trio’s forthcoming album, Loopified, and you can stream it below.

Loopified out August 19 through Verve, and can be pre-ordered through iTunes here.

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