Amoureux: Never Young As Tonight EP

[18 August 2014]

By Zachary Houle

Sloppy Dance Pop

The Los Angeles duo of bassist Holiday J and drummer Nicole Turley are Amoureux, and just by listening to their four song EP, Never Young As Tonight, you can tell that their influences are a little over the map. “Your 20s Are For Wasting” kind of has that Roxy Music “Love Is the Drug” slither, “Lost the Plot” has a very Berlin (the band, not the city) feel to it, “Never Young As Tonight” could pass for a Cure or Siouxsie and the Banshees cut circa 1981, and “I’m Not Comin Home” has a distinctly Middle Eastern vibe to it. The EP is ramshackle at best, which is either its most endearing quality or its greatest liability, for all of the songs were recorded in one take. The end result doesn’t feel rehearsed at all. The downside is that this all seems to be rather sloppy and poorly played.

Still, some may enjoy Never Young As Tonight for its sense of variation between the tracks, and the fact that this is so primal and raw. On the other hand, it feels loose and poorly constructed. Can you tell that I sit on the fence on this one? Never Young As Tonight is something that you want to like, at least in principle, for the songs do crawl inside your ear and you want to root for the fact that these are two brave women making music in a traditionally male-dominated field. Yet, you wish that Amoureux spent a little more time polishing these songs so that they had more of a professional sheen, as the amateurish quality makes this just seem hesitant. The songs are interesting, the production and execution less so, making Never Young As Tonight something of a mixed bag that feels on the thin side.

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