Katrina Leskanich - “Blisland” (album stream) (Premiere)

[20 August 2014]

By Brice Ezell

The lone mainstream splash of Katrina and the Waves remains “Walking on Sunshine”, but frontwoman Katrina Leskanich hasn’t let that lightning in a bottle success become a yoke to her career as a musician. As attested by Blisland, her latest album, Katrina is a songwriter with a storehouse of energy for what she does. Blisland‘s classic rock flourishes, particularly in its ripping guitar solos, create a vivacious environment. Numbers like “Dizzy” bring to mind Mary Chapin Carpenter at her most effervescent.

Katrina tells PopMatters about the album, “I didn’t think I’d ever make another album ten years after my first solo album, and with the advent of my first tour of North America since 1989 with Retro Futura, I decided to write and record Blisland in a month which was all the time I had before the tour started. It ended up being the most pleasurable writing and recording experience I’ve ever had. I love being able to express myself and my own personal taste in music which was very much influenced by the music I listened to in my formative years and my parents records.”

Stream the album below:

Check out the video for “Sun Coming Upper”:

Blisland is out now.

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