The Getaway People: Turnpike Diaries


By Andy Argyrakis

The Getaway People have earned their gigantic fan base by doing things the old fashioned way. Years before their 1998 Columbia Records debut, these five guys were touring the nation winning over each fan and each audience one at a time. With a musical melange of alternative rock, reggae, and folk, it’s no wonder why they have such a broad appeal.

Fans will be very pleased with The Getaway People’s stellar new album Turnpike Diaries, which has numerous tracks inspired by their constant life on the road. Take the album’s opening cut and lead off single “Six Pacs.” The track is the ultimate theme song for any road trip.

This album consists of no two songs that sound the same. Highlights include the funky track “Soi Cowboy,” which has been recorded Beck-like vibe, as well as the Bob Dylan-inspired “Open Your Mind.”

In order to make sure the album wound up with a whole host of sounds, the group worked with a variety of producers representative of different genres. They teamed with Nick Sansano on several tracks, who has worked with groups as diverse as Public Enemy, Sonic Youth, and Brian Setzer. The band also got some help from Dante Ross on “Come Love Me, ” whose tackled projects with everyone from Everlast to RUN-DMC.

“Come Love Me” has the most urban flavor on the album, and it has reggae undertones as well. Another standout track is “Deceived By an Angel,” a touching, stripped down acoustic ballad.

The Getaway People can look forward to a great rest of the year doing what they love best. They will be touring, touring, and spending more time touring! This time out the band will be full of fabulous new material, which will mesh nicely with tunes from their last project.

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