Hixxy, Force & Styles: This Is Noize


By Benn Joseph

Tere is yet another rave compilation from the folks at Highborn. Actually, it’s not Highborn, it’s hiGHBorn. Gotta be sure to get that GHB reference in there somehow. I just discovered that today, and it has to be the cheesiest thing I’ve seen all week.

This is Noize is a two disc set, but apparently only the second disc is new. The first one is labeled “The Old Skool Mixes,” so I’m assuming this is all stuff that’s been heard before. I kind of wonder what the songs on the first disc originally sounded like, because they all sound interesting. “Techno Storm” by Vampire, “Dreadland” by Sy & Unknown, etc. Now, they all have the exact same beat and have lost anything that might have made them interesting in the first place.

The second disc is a little more redeeming. There is more variation in what the listener is hearing, more lulls in the action that allow time to reflect, and more cool sounds, rather than just drum ‘n’ bass. “Rainmaker” by Quest is one of the better tracks. It has a very scintillating electric violin-type sound that leads the song, and somehow manages to harmonize with the thumping bass that just never goes away. It’s exciting to listen to, but doesn’t throw itself in your face when you press play.

Another good track on here is “Far Away” by DJ Kaos. It starts out with some flowing robot sounds that remind me of a song called “Borg Sex” on Joe Satriani’s new album. It goes into the usual drum ‘n’ bass routine after that, but suddenly stops again for no explicable reason. There’s some violin sounds, and then a woman begins singing. This goes on for quite a while before the thumping begins again, and I really enjoyed that. The song fools you, and plays on your pre-existing expectations.

There’s only one other song I enjoyed on this collection, “Always in my Dreams” by Northwest. At the beginning of this one, a woman breaks out in song (as before) but she continues throughout the heavy thumping, asking eternal questions like “why’d you have to break my heart.” The whole thing has a kind of Madonna sound to it.

The place to go is www.majesticrecordings.com. You can download music, get news about underground artists, and look for cheesy ecstasy references. Enjoy!

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