The K.G.B.: The Space Cadet EP


By Wayne Heyward

First impressions are important. The title track of The Space Cadet EP does not leave a very good impression as the first track: “I’m just a space cadet / My girlfriend smokes cigarettes / And tells me I’m an idiot.” Coupled with the generic clanging pseudo-punk guitars and similarly inane lyrics on the rest of the song, one is left saying “Well, duh. And so..?”

It took a few listens to the CD to get past that bad impression and realize that there’s more to The K.G.B. than just another in the parade of Green Day/Ween wannabes. These Oakland kids actually do have talent, and The Space Cadet EP‘s variety shows that they know what they’re doing. From the very bluesey (and very short) “Schoolhouse Blues” to the alt.rocker “American Child” to the ska-like “Fortune and Fame”, the band is loaded with talent. The words, though… they could use some work on the lyrics, which are mostly as inane as the ones in “Space Cadet”. “Free Maryjane”, a somewhat folky call for the legalization of marijuana is little more than the usual post-adolescent ranting about how everyone should get to be high. It just doesn’t ring true because it gives away just how young they are (none of the five members have reached 21 yet).

The K.G.B. have a lot of promise. The music is terrific, and they are obviously having a blast with their songs. The Space Cadet EP is a good sampler of what they could be, once they have grown up a bit. Their upcoming Dreamworks album should be a treat.

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