Kid Dynamite: Shorter, Faster, Louder


By Kat Iudicello

These punk rockers from Philadelphia offer up 18 fresh tracks on this socially conscious follow-up to their 1998 self-titled debut. On Shorter, Faster, Louder, the group considers its sound similar to early ‘80s hardcore and ‘70s punk and claims to be fun, aggressive, and provocative, not macho or preachy. The folks in Kid Dynamite firmly aim their tunes at both young and aging punk rockers.

Kid Dynamite’s music swings from hardcore punk rock to pop-punk through a gravel-ridden voice and back again through a heavy metal pendulum. Their lyrics are smart and aware. “Death And Taxes” is about underpaid, time-clock laborers. “Cheap Shot Youth Anthem” supports underage shows from the point of view of someone who remembers “10 years ago” when he was underage and wanted to play all-ages shows. It also comments on today’s youth culture, immersed in negativity and boredom. “Copout” is about police brutality: “Humane vision cuffed up tight / Kick the dirt over staining facts.” Standing against the abuse of representative office, “Handy With The Tongue Sword” claims politicians inspire apathy in voters. “Introduction To The Opposites” shouts out against racism and those who have privilege but deny it: “Tell me that you’ve earned your superiority / You sicken me when your hate’s shoved down my throat.” “Troy’s Bucket” promotes activism to fight injustice. “Rufus Wants A Hug” rails against capitalism and the mindless consumption it spawns: “Telling us just what we need / Believing that we need it / We give in to the greed.”

Shorter, Faster, Louder consists of just that: short, fast, loud songs that address familiar political topics from a smart left angle but with a good grit punk style that keeps the dialogue from getting stale and predictable.

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