Lypid: Stratospheric EP


By Benn Joseph

I wish I could give a more elaborate review of this group, but the limiting factor there is that this is EP featuring remixes of “Stratospheric” from Lypid’s recent full-length album. There’s only four songs on this version, but they’re all damn good.

Lypid is one of the groups on North America’s new indie electronic label, Statra. I keep wanting to say Strata, for some reason, but that’s wrong. They have a very powerful and optimistic mission statement, which essentially states that they are “aiming to satisfy the largely unsatisfied fan base which is presently lingering somewhere between the commercial and deep underground electronic music scenes.” After reading this, I thought “Hey, that’s me!”

The sound on this EP is wonderful, and also very elastic. For example, the first of the four cuts, “Stratospheric (Original Mix)” is a teeth clenching, running across the tops of buildings song. It’s got a dark feel to it; your vision gets blurred, and somehow you feel caught in a sci-fi movie. The “Hendrik B Remix” of this sounds very similar, but “Jonah Sharp’s Spacetime Continuum Mix” of this song is laid-back as hell. I suddenly found myself sitting on a porch in the movie Dark City or something and drinking a 40 oz. of Miller Genuine Draft. “Not bad,” I think. “This group’s got it all. They’re one electronic project that knows how to avoid having a bunch of songs that sound the same.”

I really feel connected to this group, not only because their label has a serious mission statement (like Abstrakt Reality Records) but also because they really do offer a good alternative to those of us who don’t really enjoy commercial electronica, but feel that deep underground stuff to be just a little too bizarre (and sometimes cheesy, if you ask me). Check out the Statra label at I think it actually allows you to listen to all the songs on this EP, now that the full length album is out.

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