Nikki and the Corvettes: self-titled


By Bill Holmes

Straight outta Detroit! Nikki and the Corvettes were an enthusiastic danceable blend of girl group innocence and the surf-punk blueprint of The Ramones. While The Runaways looked as likely to kick your ass as drag you to bed, Nikki’s miniskirted, high-heeled vamp look was pure Lolita all the way. It’s puzzling to this day why the major labels went for bands like The Photos and Holly and the Italians—good bands with spotty records—over this infectious good time romp. It’s garage pop in clean overalls, which should have fit in perfectly in a Blondie world. And like Debbie Harry, Nikki is no slouch in the looks department—ooooh, that pout!

This reissue features the original 12 track album plus four songs from two singles, and impressively, all the songs were written by Nikki Corvette and guitarist Pete James. Sure, the songs are pure teenage girl libido rock (“Back Seat Love”, “Just What I Need”, “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend”), but what’s wrong with that? Twenty years later, this record packs more get up and dance in its 32 minutes than most current releases. Note to aspiring pop bands: that’s an average of two minutes per song; get in, make your point, get out. Play this loud and often!

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