The Prescriptions: Why We Don’t Rent to Women


By Mike Pace

The Runaways they’re not, in fact they’re not even the Donnas, or the bassist from White Zombie for that matter, but what the Prescriptions are is a catchy little power-pop band that write songs with titles like, “Hooray Hooray for the Plastic Ring,” and “I Shall Punish You Severely.”

Tuneful enough to evoke head-bopping among a legion of teenaged fans, the Prescriptions sort of sound like a rawer That Dog, before the latter band released their monumental Retreat From the Sun—truly one of the most underrated records of the century—with a little keyboards thrown in the mix, some distorted guitars, and running times under three minutes.

Released on the Johann’s Face label (from which, I believe, I own a Zoinks! 7”), Why We Don’t Rent to Women won’t spark another riot-grrrl revolution, but I don’t think that’s the point. For Sarah, Laura, and Atsu, the women who make up the Prescriptions, the aim is to rock out (hopefully) of the garage and onto the stage at the local VFW hall.

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