Unbelievable Truth: sorrythankyou


By Erin Hucke

Mega Media Merger strikes again!

In this episode of the Musical Heroes of Justice, melancholy British band Unbelievable Truth perseveres through blasts from major label mogul, the evil Dr. Virgin.

When we last saw our heroes, they were metaphorically knocking down doors with their impressive, yet understated debut album, Almost Here. With that success under their superhero utility belts, they diligently began working on their second album, sorrythankyou, again for Dr. Virgin. Little did the band know that he was, in fact, known as “the evil Dr. Virgin” in alternate circles. The evil Dr. Virgin hid his sadistic side from Unbelievable Truth, and only with their tiger-like vigilance were they able to slowly uncover the evil Dr. Virgin’s corrupt personality.

Dr. Virgin had secretly constructed a massive media merger with partners in crime America Online and Time Warner in his underground lair and would use the merger to control the world!

It was only after completion of their second album, that the evil Dr. Virgin revealed to Unbelievable Truth his plan to control the world. He then unscrupulously sloughed them out of his lair and out of his plans for world domination. (There’s no room for gloomy pop music when you are trying to own everything.) Fear not, dear music lovers! The Musical Heroes of Justice would have their revenge.

No one could have predicted from their beautifully simplistic debut that the band would have gone in such a different direction, both musically and lyrically, and would still be able to pull it off. Allying with Oxford-based indie label Shifty Disco, Unbelievable Truth constructed an elaborate strategy for success. And with the Herculean sorrythankyou card up their sleeve, the evil Dr. Virgin would definitely get what was coming to him.

In releasing sorrythankyou, Unbelievable Truth delivered a super-duper body slam to Dr. Virgin and his cronies. With intense emotion and an apparent boost in confidence, the band packed enough firepower in their new album that would make the evil Dr. Virgin feel a bit uneasy and a great deal foolish.

Using percussive loops and other effects in addition to their arsenal of acoustic guitars, keyboards and piano, the band layered the music, cultivating a thick and rich sound. Andy Yorke launched an emotional, aural power punch from his gut in “I Can’t Wait.” Kazzang! Jason Moulster charmed seductive basslines that permeated Dr. Virgin’s hardened heart. Zapoweee! Nigel Powell delivered a mighty throw with his tribal drumbeats in “Disarm.” Baazling! With songs like “Home Again,” “Pedestrian” and rocker “Agony,” Unbelievable Truth unleashed a superb effort, equally beautiful and unsettling, that was sure to make the evil Dr. Virgin more than a bit remorseful.

Tune in for the next episode when we see the Musical Heroes of Justice take on the ever-nosy NME. Same melancholy Britpop time. Same melancholy Britpop channel.

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