Wolfie: Wolfie, and the Coat and Hat


By Erin Hucke

With its latest release, Wolfie, and the Coat and Hat, Wolfie has created a record the band can be proud of. After being dissatisfied with the way their previous album, Where’s Wolfie, turned out, without a professional producer, the band set out to make a record they truly liked. (Perhaps “do-it-yourself” isn’t always the best way to go). This time with help of producer Rick Valentin, they succeeded in creating something they, too, can enjoy. And like Wolfie, chances are you will enjoy Wolfie, and the Coat and Hat.

This CD is like a trip to the carnival. Anticipation builds up in your stomach on the way there. Bright colors and lights splash over your eyes as you enter the gate. You scamper down a concrete path to a carousel, Ferris wheel (or whatever your favorite ride is). You’ve got cotton candy in one hand, an ice cream cone in the other. Things just couldn’t get any sweeter.

However, “sweet” is the reason it’s easy to file Wolfie in the bubblegum section of your local confectionery. Yet, the bouncy rhythms and catchy melodies warrant more respectable terminology. This isn’t just empty bubblegum. This is bubblegum with heart.

Male and female harmonies drizzle over the music like maple syrup. Poppy organ and piano melodies paint colorful rainbows around the room. Indie rock guitars and energetic drums provide stability and structure to the carefree vocals.

Above all, listening to Wolfie is fun. They create lovable melodies and catchy ooo’s that you can’t help but sing along to. Wolfie, and the Coat and Hat will provide a great summer soundtrack—happy, simplistic, catchy music. May it accompany you everywhere. It’ll be the sunshine for those rainy days.

Published at: http://www.popmatters.com/pm/review/wolfie-st/