Yve Adam: Fiction


By Andy Argyrakis

Yve Adam is the talented acoustic duo that trades off vocals and instrument playing on their debut. The two musicians have a lot of experience under their belt as former members of Mollies Revenge. In 1995, the group made their first live performance, and then released their debut Every Dirty Word in 1997.

After a year on the road, Mollies Revenge broke up, but group members Yve and Adam weren’t ready to throw in the towel. They reformed, retooled, and stripped down their sound, while digging deeper into their souls for the songwriting process.

“Music is our gift,” says Yve. “Our job is to give it back to the world. We’re not trying to force a connection with people because we already understand that we’re connected on the truest of levels-whether one chooses to recognize that or not. Our music grows from the personal to the collective. We write and perform to open up to our audience and deepen the connection with the universal itself.”

Although the duo seems to have good intentions with their pursuit of meaning in the music industry, the album is a bit flat when it comes to its sound. The entire album is recorded in a somber, melancholy tone, with a bevy of deep, introspective lyrics. The title cut, “Sacred,” “Far Behind,” and Imperfect Girl” all fit the same mold and tend to turn listeners away from further exploring the project.

Some lyrics do, however, stand out. Such is the case on “Pandora’s Box” a song that starts out about a woman who is afraid to succeed in life due to all of the insecurities she bottles up inside. “She holds the only key to her lock, but she won’t open Pandora’s Box / She’s afraid of the world / She’s afraid of herself / She’s afraid of the truth, puts it back on the shelf.”

By the song’s end, the character is able to face her fears and realizes she can overcome her past. The duo triumphantly sings “She holds the key to the lock, but she has opened Pandora’s Box / Not afraid of the world, not afraid of the truth / She found herself, now she’s looking for you.”

Fiction falls short of any extreme variety, but it is certainly a tolerable album with well thought out lyrics. The group will be able to make an instant connection with their past Mollies Revenge fans, but most likely not earn a considerable amount of new ones.

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