Various Artists: More for Your Pleasure (Tribute to Roxy Music)


By Bill Holmes

This 20-track tribute clocks in at a hefty 73 minutes plus, although a few of the selections are actually from Brian Ferry’s solo albums (and covers themselves). As is typical of a D2K release, the liner notes are devoid of any information beyond a track list, and even that is wrong. Rather than assemble the project with any kind of flow, the songs are in alphabetical order, except for “Slave To Love”, which is erroneously listed seventh and is actually dead last (it should be seventeenth). Fortunately the songs are all Roxy staples and easy to recognize on their own merits. The fact that every artist tries to mimic Ferry’s quirky vocal style just makes it easier.

Paper Parrot acquit themselves nicely on both “Avalon” and “Let’s Stick Together”, as Popular Despots with “Love Is The Drug” and Johnny Bic & Slamm’s energetic “Virginia Plain” (although I found that I could substitute the lyrics “you turn me right round baby right round” from Dead Or Alive’s famous club hit). That last track is the only one on More for Your Pleasure where anyone tries to stretch the boundaries, unless you want to count this six minute blues interpretation of “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” that is turned in by The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (and don’t even ask me who’s in that band now!). But, as expected, some of the tracks are bar band attempts at best.

I’m pretty forgiving when it comes to tribute projects; I accept them for what they are (usually a way for labels to expose their lesser known acts) and understand that any worthy band being feted will usually outshine the contributors. Their are exceptions of course—eggBert’s Sing Hollies in Reverse still stands as the pinnacle of subject, daring and execution—but D2K has sunk to some sloppy new lows here. When you can’t even keep the sound level constant when mastering the CD, so that three trips to the volume knob are necessary to listen to the entire disc, that’s not good. The cover art is wonderful, but please, drop a few bucks to type something onto the two blank pages on the four page booklet. I doubt I’ll ever go out of my way to track down bands like Clit Richards (right!) and The Dead Jerry Halls, but it would be nice to know something.

Even at the discount prices, two tribute rules still apply: (1) buyer beware, and (2) there’s always the originals.

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