Boys on the Bus #7

[11 June 2007]

By Joe Tacopino

Ronald Reagan was known as the great communicator and is famous for his “Morning in America” slogan. George W. Bush won people over with his compassionate conservative approach and his faith-based initiatives. However, the current crop of republican contenders for ’08 have not inspired that kind of reverence, and the media is desperately searching for the next Reagan-esque candidate. Enter: Fred Thompson.

When Senator Fred Thompson announced his intentions to run for President there was a brief flurry of media excitement. The Law and Order star comes with a pedigree of both social and fiscally conservative positions on taxes, immigration, abortion and guns. He is currently at a financial disadvantage, compared to the Giuliani/McCain/Romney machine, but he is courting high profile staff members and just may well become the dark horse in this ridiculous race. reported that superstar Republican consultant (and counselor the Darth Cheney) Mary Matalin has joined Thompson as well as Lawrence B. Lindsey, President Bush’s first economic policy advisor and Michael Turk, e-campaign director for George W. Bush’s reelection campaign. This all sets the stage for another top-tier candidate for the media can latch onto.

During the first Republican debate the ten candidates could not shut-up about how they’d be “the next Ronald Reagan” (they mentioned his name 19 times). These are big shoes to fill and so far the candidates have not been able to fit in them. McCain’s “straight-talk express” has de-railed, Rudy Giuliani can’t hide behind 9/11 anymore and Romney is an enigma.  The voters are looking for a fresh face with solid credentials; don’t be surprised if Fred Thompson becomes their man.

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