The Blue Jackets: Shadows of the City

[23 August 2007]

By Aarik Danielsen

Putting a fresh spin on the vintage sounds of the British Invasion by adding garage rock muscle and modern rock sensibility, New York’s The Blue Jackets present seven incredibly appealing tracks on this EP, a tightly packaged and produced snapshot of a band that seems have to quite a lot going for them. Frontman PT Walkley projects a charismatic presence that is equal parts rock swagger and melodic tunesmith; add the undeniable instrumental energy of the band bringing songs to life behind him and The Blue Jackets have quite a potent attack. From the old school rock groove of opening track “Four Cheers” through the punk-ish energy of closer “Way Back Home,” the band never stops firing on all cylinders. Other standouts include acoustic-driven ballad “It’s Easy on You” and the raucous guitar rock of “Typical.” Shadows of the City is a record that displays The Blue Jackets as a band which has discovered how to celebrate the greatness of rock’s past while having an eye on its future.

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