The New Loud: Me (Secrets) You

[28 October 2007]

By Lana Cooper

Currently working on a full-length studio album, The New Loud releases Me (Secrets) You, a four-song EP to whet the appetites of fans and potential fans alike. Catchy and bouncy, with a plasticine sheen, everything old is new again with the group leaning towards an early ‘80s pop sound mixed with techno-lite. Thunderous drumming on the part of Radish Beet (yes, that’s his name) and each instrument heavily miked in the mix account for a modern twist that separates The New Loud from the lo-fi loving indie pack. 

A heaping helping of the band’s signature sound, “Secrets” is built around a 21st century indie-rock take on what could pass as the second coming of Flock of Seagulls. Kitschy in a good way, keyboardist and sometimes lead vocalist Jesica Nakles’ synthesizer buzzes happily in the background alongside ‘80s pop guitar stylings. Comparisons to early Weezer with less self-deprecation are in order thanks bottom heavy, bass-centric solos courtesy of Desiree Couillard and guitarist/lead singer Shane Olivo sounding eerily like Rivers Cuomo on the beautiful “Heartattack”. The New Loud trips into emo territory with “Heartattack” zeroing in on the majesty and pain of loneliness and the bouncy teenage lamentation of “My Hot New Moves”, a John Hughes-esque geek anthem if there ever was one. Thoroughly catchy and highlighted by snare drums that rattle like a shotgun against a trilling synth and guitar combo, the latter track assists The New Loud in shrugging off an emo labeling with an upbeat twist on two different styles, one old and one new, resulting in a promising first effort.

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