Token Entry: The Re-Issues

[8 November 2007]

By Lana Cooper

Re-issuing two of their albums that showcase two entirely different sides of the band, Token Entry slaps together both 1988’s Jaybird and 1990’s Weight of the World on one disc. Delivering considerable bang for the fans’ buck, the 22 songs between the two albums on this single-disc format is a solid starter kit for newer fans just discovering these forefathers of the NYC hardcore/punk scene. Many fans were sharply divided on these albums, often preferring one over the other, depending on which side of the musical spectrum their tastes may sit. 

Emblematic of their status as innovators on the straight-edge and skatepunk scene, the first half of the disc collects the songs from Token Entry’s Jaybird album. Chock full of lo-fi garage rock goodness, Jaybird plays with a myriad of concepts, ranging from flat out fun skate anthems on the title track to scathing diatribes on televangelists and the porn industry on “Integrity” and “Little Pink Things”, respectively. The band switches it up on Weight of the World, sounding like a forerunner of rap-rock on “Beautiful People” with vocalist Tim Chunks laughing occasionally on the verse, not really able to contain his enthusiasm on the tongue-in-cheek track. Continuing with a less strictly garage punk sound, the funked-up “Last Chance” breaks with a simplistic, yet killer guitar solo and riffs akin to early Guns n’ Roses. More exceptional and surprising guitar work appears on “Prelude”, showcasing some flamenco-themed plunking.

Lyrically diverse with a style all their own, Token Entry’s sound is still recognizable in spite of the two different styles present on The Re-Issues. Regardless of the difference in musical presentation on the two discs, Token Entry has a lot to say and the “two discs in one” format of The Re-Issues allows them to be heard by fans who might not have given either of these two solid discs a spin.

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