What’s Yours Like? The Game That Tells It Like It Is [$29.99]

[19 November 2007]

By Karen Zarker

PopMatters Managing Editor

For those who like 20 Questions and Charades and other social, word-based games, this is a fun game that will challenge your assumptions about what you think you know about your friends. ‘Friends’ (or family) is key, here, as the clues they each toss your way only hold meaning if you know enough about them to untangle the diverse, designed to trip-you-up responses.  The aim is a low score—to figure out the answer with the least amount of clues—and the outcome is a bit of humility along with humor—no matter which end of the clue you’re on.  How would you provide a clue to “What’s yours like?” when the answer is: IQ.  The game includes a set of kid-inclusive clues (“Grandpa” and “favorite dessert”) for players who might not yet have a clue as to how describe their “mortgage” or “driving style”.  [Amazon]

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