Heavenly Sword - Playstation 3 [$59.99]

[29 November 2007]

By Darwin Hang

The best looking game for the Playstion 3 may not be the one game to sell the system, but it could have been if it had twice the content.  Nariko is hot, Kai is weird, and the bad guys get theirs in some of the most gorgeously choreographed fight sequences to date.  What other game provides as much girl power in the year of the Spice Girls reunion?  None.  Andy Serkis deserves a Grammy for his voicework in Heavenly Sword.  The combat system is top notch, with three different combat styles used to fight different styles of enemies.  Even the aftertouch feature, a first person perspective of a thrown object, is of cinematic quality.  The environments are stunning, and it’s simply a joy to play from start to finish.  Despite its short length, the total package makes this game worth the price tag.

Heavenly Sword - Trailer

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