CéU: Remixed EP

[10 January 2008]

By Deanne Sole

Do Brazilian women ever get excited? Whoever markets them as singers in the English-speaking world doesn’t want us to think so. So many of the ones we get tend to sigh over us at a wombling Girl-From-Ipanema pace, the speed of a drifting mind going nowhere important. Someone out there must think this is sexy, or restful, or bearable, or all three. Madness. Anyway, this seems to be the audience that five of these six remixes are aimed at. ZAMAN 8’s reworking of “Rainha” is the one exception, taking the original track’s mild Fela Kuti overtones and punching them up, pushing the saxophone and organ forward until we’ve got a nice Afrobeat thing going on. Bombay Dub Orchestra’s Grateful Dub remix of “Roda” brings in a steady touch of reggae and that’s not bad either. People who liked the source album will be pleasantly unsurprised. People who didn’t like it won’t find anything here to change their minds. Six Degrees is selling these tracks on its website one MP3 at a time, a sensible way of doing it because you’d have to be an enthusiast to need the lot.

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