‘I Love the New Millennium,’ all week on VH1

[24 June 2008]

By Andy Edelstein

Newsday (MCT)


I LOVE THE NEW MILLENNIUM Various times through Friday (check listings) VH1

Reasons for watching: You’re nostalgic about the events and pop culture of the very recent past. Or maybe you’ve experienced severe memory loss and need to be reminded about the cultural significance of Ugg Boots, “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and William Hung.

What it’s about: The ultimate sequel to VH1’s “I Love the ‘70s” ... “‘80s” ... and “‘90s” specials, “ILTNM” looks “back” at some of the trends from 2000 to 2007. (Sorry, guys, but HBO beat you to the punch last month with “Recount,” its docudrama about the 2000 election.) Each hour tackles a different year and features VH1’s stock company of Z-list talking heads offering their insights, plus a George W. Bush look-alike spouting the “Bushism” of each year. (In case you were wondering about where the new millennium’s most horrific event fits in: The modern-day Pearl Harbor of 9-11 is treated respectfully, albeit with about the same amount of time given to “Pearl Harbor,” the movie.)

Bottom line: Of course, the pace of nostalgia is on hyper-speed, but maybe VH1 is onto something. The other day, I caught my 10-year-old daughter wistfully watching a rerun of “Barney,” which rocked her world in ‘00 when she was 3.

So, who are we to quibble with those who grow misty-eyed over the sight of Richard Hatch’s butt?

Nevertheless, where can VH1 go from here? How about changing “Best Week Ever” into “Best Hour Ever,” which will offer a look back at what transpired during the previous 60 minutes?

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