‘X-Files’ stars stay silent on specifics

[23 July 2008]

By Rick Bentley

McClatchy Newspapers (MCT)

SAN FRANCISCO - The truth may very well be out there. But David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson aren’t eager to share it. The stars of the long-running Fox Network series “The X-Files” were special guests at the comic book-pop culture WonderCon 2008 in February. Their mission then was to tease the new “X-Files” movie five months before it was scheduled to open.

They wouldn’t offer any details about the feature film that returns the duo to the roles they originated 15 years ago. This goes back to the whole secrecy thing that swirled around the series when it aired from 1993-2002.

So the pair wouldn’t talk about the plot, where the film was shot, whether any familiar “X-Files” characters would be popping up or if Dana Scully and Fox Mulder finally find love.

They couldn’t even share the name of the movie. Since then, the film got a title and is called “The X-Files: I Want to Believe” and is scheduled to open July 25.

All Anderson and Duchovny could do is talk about the film in the most general of terms. Anderson explained everyone involved was happy to do another movie and that a second film had been talked about for a long time. The first “X-Files” feature film hit theaters in 1998.

At the WonderCon gathering, Duchovny was a little stunned by the standing-room-only reception he and Anderson got from the conventioneers.

“I am glad we started filming the movie before we came here. If we were starting tomorrow, after this, I would be like ‘I can’t satisfy that.’ They want too much. They love us too much. Let’s quit’,” Duchovny says.

Here’s a truth for you. The fans actually stayed with the series longer than Duchovny. He left the series in 2001. But he’s back now to play the FBI agent who knows the truth has something to do with aliens.

Weekly strange and out-of-this world encounters made “The X-Files” one of the top shows in the history of the Fox Network. Duchovny says it was more than that.

“It became a cultural thing that took on a life of its own. There aren’t many shows, period, that do that. What shows do that?” Duchovny says.

Anderson realized during the third season of the series just how big a following the show had. She rarely found herself with a free moment during that year. Either she was on the set or she was involved in publicity for the show. “The X-Files” had become one of the hottest topics in TV.

Both actors put all of that history behind them when they started filming the new movie.

“You have to create in a vacuum of what is good. Once you start thinking about what is going to be the impact or how your character is going to come across then you are not really coming from a truthful place,” Duchovny says.

His trick to get back to the heart and soul of Mulder was to depend on “X-Files” creator Chris Carter to write and direct the best film possible. And he counted on his co-star, Anderson, to make sure he was doing his best acting.

“I think there is something incredibly wonderful when we get to work together,” Anderson says. “There is a natural rhythm we step into.”

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