Half Light: Sleep More, Take More Drugs, Do Whatever We Want

[6 August 2008]

By Sarah Moore

Rarely has an album title felt so much like the music it contained. Ushering comparisons to Mazzy Star, the hazy, hallucinogenic Sleep More, Take More Drugs, Do Whatever We Want absolutely feels like one has slipped back into experimentation-heavy teen years with little to no responsibility. Settle down into the folds of a comfy couch and let this record take hold. Lead singer Dayna Loeffler recalls Denali with her angelic, impish and airy vocals and elongated singing style. 

Half Light names Jimi Hendrix records as inspiration for the disc, which layers Loeffler’s vocals over one another alongside drifty pedal steel and meditative guitar.  Standout track “Burn It Down” continues the dreamy vibe with feedback manipulation, a slow, innocuous bass-line and Loeffler’s lacy voice offsetting dissonantly harmonizing guitar strumming. Finally, as an interesting sidenote, the drummer’s name is also Dayna with a Y (Dayna Smith).

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