Dub Syndicate: Overdubbed

[27 August 2008]

By Chris Catania

A remixed resonation and spaced-out overdubs of the Dub Syndicate comes forth from the formidable riddim labs of Rob Smith, one third of trip-dub trio Smith & Mighty. The 17 remixed songs (produced by Lincoln “Style” Scott) retool DS classics, transporting you to a parallel destination in dub music history, where the beats are broken down, relaxed, Rastafied and transformed into slow moving grooves filled with layers of sumptuous tempos and stacked textures. With tracks like “Togetherness” and “No Bed of Roses” it’s hard to resist the riddims as they wrap around your ears; and the thick undercurrent of the dub bounces from eardrum to eardrum and then down to your hips as the music consumes you. The remixed, stripped down Jahcentric tracks are a fine tribute to the core and essence of DS dub music, as they whittle their way towards the spiritual core of dub’s core of sonic simplicity, which has become a sound foundation for much of what we know when it comes to producing rock and roll and hip hop.

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