Lindstrom: Its a Feedelity Affair

[19 October 2006]

By Dan Raper

It’s hard to believe this is Lindstrom’s debut; but then again, it’s really a collection of previously released vinyl singles. Nice to have them in one convenient package. The Norwegian electronic wizard has been remixing the DFA and killing electroheads around the world with hits like “I Feel Space” for a while, so much so that the label “space disco” already feels entirely his own. On It’s a Feedelity Affair, Lindstrom pads this idea from a few angles and generally succeeds in crafting pinging, space-filled chilled techno that’s surprisingly understated, surprisingly compelling. In fact, much of this music sways decidedly Balearic, with a hint o’ Latin (“Gentle As a Giant”‘s pattering percussion) and a constantly swaying synth backdrop. His best songs, like “There Is a Drink in My Bedroom and I Need a Hot Lady”, fill space and time gorgeously, altering the timing of the synth melody in a standard clashing-resolving cycle that’s obvious but effective, and a natural evolution over the course of 10-plus minutes that never flags. “Fast & Delirious” sounds almost as deceptively simple as a Mylo track—but if you listen closely, the pinging synths make a twisted sense; an obviously carefully-constructed homage to this outer-space aesthetic. As an introduction and overview, a Lindstrom 101, It’s a Feedelity Affair is entirely adequate; but to be a seminal electronic artist, Lindstrom still needs to prove his versatility. Given his prolific output, there’s no doubt he will rise to the challenge.

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