Over It: Step Outside Yourself

[27 October 2006]

By Jason MacNeil

Although they’ve played with Good Charlotte and other punk popsters, Over It do have a few things going for them. It’s not that the songs are mind-blowing, but it’s how they go about crafting them that keeps you listening. “Think Against the Grain”, for example, is a tidy tune which brings to mind an inexperienced Jimmy Eat World. And they avoid the “emo/screamo” rants so many bands dive headfirst into. The summer-sounding “Gunslinger (Running Out of Time)” is a tight radio-friendly rocker as well. But they’re trying much too hard with “Siren on the 101”, which is extremely slick and polished. “Too Much Information” is marginally better, but isn’t outstanding. Fortunately, “Dishonor Disorder” has a bit of bite to it, with a bubbly chorus and surefire hooks. The obligatory “punk ballad” comes along with “The Energy”, which isn’t too bad. “Lost” should have stayed lost though, a rather horrid attempt at some hair band ballad that falls off the rails quickly. One obvious highlight is “Where the Sky Begins”, which glides along without any problems. Too often, though, the ordinary outweighs the good, especially with “Come Out With Your Hands Up”, which sounds like the Rapture in some respects.

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