The Points: The Points

[11 November 2008]

By Alan Brown

When any band is as well-known for their incendiary live performances, harnessing that in-the-flesh energy on record is always going to be a struggle. Yet, with the feral enthusiasm of a ‘60s garage band and more year-zero melodic punk menace than you can shake a stick at, the Washington D.C. line-up have delivered a self-titled debut of catchy, adrenaline-fueled pandemonium. Frontman George “Geo” White screams, snarls and hollers to beat the band as a muddied wave of guitar fuzz, droning psych-keys and pounding surgical-precision drumming by Travis Jackson threatens to smother the singer at every spikey twist and turn of this 30-minute set. Influences are evident throughout the album with tracks such as “Don’t Care Much” recalling the youthful Stooges, while opener “No Girl” and “Test me Out” reveal more than a passing acquaintanceship with the Ramones’ back catalogue. Nevertheless, when listening to the Points rip through these 12 songs you get the overwhelming feeling that playing fast and furious rock ‘n’ roll just for the hell of it is their mission and having fun their goal. And you can’t argue with that—now can you.

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