The Defectors: Give In And Creep Out With The Defectors

[7 November 2006]

By Stephen Haag

If you own the Defectors’ 2004 release, Turn Me On!, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were experienceing deja vu while reading about Give In and Creep Out With the Defectors. After all, Give In is merely the band’s earlier album, shuffled and given a stateside release, with a few tracks off the 2006 “The Final Thrill” single thrown in for good measure. Still, these self-proclaimed “Evil Fuzzkings of Denmark” deserve a wider audience, even if they run the risk of having fans buy the (nearly) same album twice. For the uninitiated, the Defectors play sinister Farfisa-drenched, fuzzed-out garage rock that they brag in the liner notes is “Excellent Music for Driving.” Sure enough, tunes like “It’s Gonna Take Some Time”, “Trick Daisy” and, hell, the rest of the album, would sound great blaring out of a car zipping down the Danish interstate (does such a thing exist?). Meanwhile, spooky tunes like “Dancing Ghouls” and “The Zoom-Out” should be soundtracking your Halloween party. Just don’t dress up as a repackaged album, cuz the Defectors already did that.

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