FIFA Manager 09

[2 December 2008]

By Jason Cook

What do you buy for the sports gamers on your list? They already snagged Madden on launch day. They have already chosen between the latest MVP Baseball or MLB 2K8. They have already logged hours on NBA 2K9. Despite cries of the sport it’s based on being “boring,” FIFA Soccer 2009 may be the answer. Once the bridesmaid to the Winning Eleven series, FIFA has steadily improved over the past few years—culminating in this year’s superb installment that makes it the soccer simulation to own this year. With a deeply complex control scheme, over 500 teams (41 national teams), online play and an innovative feature that updates player stats to reflect their real-life performance, this is a must-own title for any true soccer fan. The inclusion of MLS teams (Beckham!), spectacular player animations, controls that are easy enough to get into, but take time to master, and fluid, satisfying game play and a host of over improvements then turn FIFA into a title that has a good chance to convert even the most green of futbol fans.


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