What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Cat/Dog

[4 December 2008]

By Karen Zarker

PopMatters Managing Editor

When we gaze into our doggy’s liquid brown eyes, our kitty’s crystal green eyes and wonder, “What is Ralphi/Raphael thinking?” and they gaze back at us, which prompts us to begin a conversation with them, a conversation of a kind that can only take place between dog and human or cat and human, are we, the humans, anthropomorphizing? projecting? communicating? And by turn, what is Ralph/Raphael doing with us? Does their gaze really just come down to imploring us for a treat? Animal lovers know better—there’s love in those eyes. They also know that the human/animal companion conundrum is one that may never be solved, and ultimately, as we love and delight in our animal friends, we can only really understand ourselves. These books satisfy that perpetual human itch to know thyself—and to love others. Be assured your animal lover’s furry friend will lay by her side for an occasional pet, as she reads.


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