Gangi: A

[8 February 2009]

By Ron Hart

They call Gangi frontman Matt Gangi’s vocals “dream-like”. This is fine, if you consider a peculiar timbre combination of Geddy Lee and Gene Ween “dream-like”. If not, you might have a hard time sitting through the majority of A, an otherwise fine album from this Los Angeles-based garage-tronic duo. Gangi and producer Lyle Nesse’s influential stew of African highlife music, Eno-esque soundscapes, American folk geniality and just the right touch of Bomb Squad-like hip-hop production is certainly a unique hybrid of sounds and styles, cumulated to perfection on such key tracks as “Commonplace Feathers” and “Animals”. So as long as you can stomach Gangi’s voice, you are certainly in for an interesting (and mildly psychedelic) musical journey on A.

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