WATCH - Homicide: Life on the Street The Complete Series Megaset

[30 November 2006]

By Karen Zarker

PopMatters Managing Editor

Homicide: Life on the Street The Complete Series Megaset [A&E Home Video - $190]

Suitably grim, designed with a dark current of humor, all seven seasons of this highly acclaimed, addictive drama, winner of two Emmy® Awards, three Television Critic’s Awards, and three Peabody Awards, comes packaged in a grey “file drawer”.  Pull the drawer open, and each season has a file tab identifier, with a summary of the contents in plain, courier font: episode title, a snapshot of some critical facts, and a very brief description per episode. Sums it up perfectly for someone in a hurry to find the right file.  The Complete Series is packaged as no-nonsense as the lives of the detectives in inner-city Baltimore and the murdered whose cases they try to solve, and it’s packed with enough extras to stuff a file cabinet, including three Law & Order crossover episodes and Homicide: The Movie.  “Homicide: our day begins when yours ends”, says Detective John Much.  Someone you know would just die for this. [Amazon]

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