Matthew Ryan: From A Late Night High Rise

[12 December 2006]

By PopMatters Staff

Matthew Ryan
From A Late Night High Rise

“And Never Look Back”

“From the first wave of symphonic keyboards to the last utterance of good advice FROM some accidental RF, From a Late Night High-Rise is a masterful rumination on mortality and morality. It’s an epic to behold. Matthew Ryan has wandered around the edges for years now. Originally perceived as an alt-country troubadour, Ryan has slowly made his case for a more adventurous and cinematic American Singer/Songwriter. You get the feeling he doesn’t care much for anything that resembles a hollow victory. He’s clearly chosen the hard way. From major labels to small labels to indie labels to DIY and back again; he continues to follow some stubborn compass that keeps him quietly searching for his version of perfect weather in a song. All the while amassing a loyal following, a growing resume of film and television placements and a mountain of critical acclaim.

From a Late Night High-Rise is a movie without film, it’s a novel without a book. It’s absolutely beautiful, precise and unflinching. It’s music that glows like a city from high up in an airplane—first appearing alien, then blooming completely human. Shaken by the sentencing of his brother to 30 years in prison and the death of a dear friend, Ryan took to recording and writing songs on his Korg D16 Porta Studio to cope with his grief. “Follow the Leader”,“Gone for Good”, “Love Is the Silencer”,“Victory Waltz” and “The Complete Family” were all recorded at home. Those recordings were the seeds that would become From a Late Night High-Rise.”—00:02:59 LLC

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