Rootbeer: The Pink Limousine EP

[28 May 2009]

By Andrew Martin

Halfway through this EP’s second track, “Girlies”, it becomes clear that this must be a joke. I mean, it has to be. Doesn’t it? Pigeon John and Flynn Adam, the cohorts who make up Rootbeer, are clearly talented individuals. The rapper and rapper/producer have several solid releases under their collective belts, both as members of L.A. Symphony and as solo artists. This must just be what happens when two like-minded artists get together and decide, “Hey, you know what, let’s churn out a steaming pile of Black Eyed Peas-influenced garbage.” And it’s not the fact that these guys are just having mindless fun. Clearly, if you have heard a Pigeon John album, you know he can have a hell of a time. It’s just never sounded this bland and uninspired. Fans of either artist will be disappointed with the effort here. And it’s just as likely that new listeners will be turned off by the attempt at disposable hip-pop.

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