Vanna: A New Hope

[15 June 2009]

By Ron Hart

Boston-based post-hardcore group Vanna promise A New Hope on their third album and first for seminal California punk imprint Epitaph Records. However, if you are looking for something different in your heaviness beyond the chug-and-scream formula, you might have to look elsewhere. While certain aspects of A New Hope do, in fact, display promising signs of melody that peer through the band’s predictable metalcore posturing, it is certainly not enough to distinguish them from the rest of the pack on your typical Sunday hardcore matinee bill. If they continue to plod along the creative plateau at this rate without doing something to separate themselves from the rest of the ballcap-sporting tattooed hotheads in their scene, Vanna will certainly need A New Hope if they plan on even somewhat relevant in the future.

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