Star Trek at 50

Star Trek at 50

By PopMatters Staff

26 Sep 2016 // 10:10 AM

On 8 September 1966, the sci-fi television show Star Trek aired its first episode, setting into motion a chain of events that would leave no aspect of pop culture unchanged....

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To Seek Out New Star Trek Fans and Form New Star Trek Civilizations

By Mary Ingram-Waters

26 Sep 2016 // 2:45 AM

As the most well-studied fandom, Star Trek fans have shaped the way that seminal concepts in fan studies have emerged. ...

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'Star Trek' Has Turned Five-Year Mission Into 50-Year Journey>

Star Trek went from a struggling series that only lasted three years to being one of the most influential programs in TV history....

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Atlanta: Season 1, Episode 3 - "Go For Broke"

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"Only three episodes in, and yet Atlanta offers a lived-in feeling and plenty of surreal humor.

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