PBS, Acorn Media bringing back ‘Foyle’s War’ in 2013

by Tish Wells

McClatchy Newspapers (MCT)

17 September 2012

Foyle (Michael Kitchen, left) and Sam, short for Samantha, (Honeysuckle Weeks) face post-War challenges in a new trio of episodes of Foyle's War. (Eleventh Hour for Acorn/Masterpiece/MCT) 

You have to wait a year, but new episodes of “Foyle’s War” will be returning to PBS in 2013.

“Masterpiece Mystery,” along with Acorn Media and Eleventh Hour Films, have come together to do a trio of episodes starring Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks as Inspector Foyle and his assistant, Sam (short for Samantha).

“Foyle’s War” was a series based during World War II and set in the English countryside. Foyle dealt with local tensions caused by a number of challenges: American troops clashing with locals, German POWs, threats to the American aid for Britain, and art theft.

The new series is based in the hungry years after the war, 1946-1947, when England was still suffering from rationing and other problems.

According to PBS, Foyle has become a “senior intelligence officer” dealing with “communist sympathizers and traitors.” He’s involved in the world of espionage “in support of Britain’s security, defense and the government.”

The “Foyle’s” series has been part of PBS’ “Masterpiece Mystery” for eight years. For the new series, Acorn Media worked with the creator, Anthony Horowitz, and producer Jill Green, who also founded Eleventh Hour Films. “Foyle’s War” has been a hit in the U.K. since 2002.

In June, Acorn Media released “The Best of Foyle’s War,” a collection chosen by actor Michael Kitchen of six feature-length episodes. Also included were interviews with Horowitz and Weeks.

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