PopMatters’ Inaugural ‘Directors Spotlight Series’ Begins with Pedro Almodovar!

Pitch Deadline: 24 July 2009

Final Deadline: 24 August 2009

Contact: Matt Mazur

Email: mazur AT popmatters.com

With this week-long special feature, we are excited to provide a platform for cinema scholars, film historians and/or social theorists of all varieties to help us and our readership reconsider the significance of Almodovar’s body of work.

This feature will run in late November, leading up to the release of the auteur’s newest film, Broken Embraces.

These are the following features we are seeking to develop for the week-long Almodovar series:

  Almodovar 101 – The Canon: Exploring Almodovar’s Filmography (I want at least 500 incisive words on EVERY film in Almodovar’s canon!)

  Femmes Fatale: Almodovar and Women

  Poppy: Use of Color in the Day-Glo World of Almodovar

  Referencing Cinema: Almodovar in Homage to Noir, Sirkian Melodrama and Cassavetes

  The Queer Auteur: Almodovar’ and Gay Cinema

  Lost in Translation: Almodovar as object of Hollywood fascination; his place in the pantheon of European filmmakers; his relation(s) with post-Franco Spain

For this particular series, we need only the most passionate writers, who know Almodovar very well. If you have a fabulous idea that isn’t covered by the above topics, I am definitely receptive to hearing pitches. Quality is of the utmost importance with this feature, I cannot stress this enough — this will be read by a savvy international audience of film lovers and attention to every detail is a must. Typically, features on our site are between 1,000-3,500 words.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though the feature will not run until late November, the due date for this project and any essays you want to contribute is AUGUST 24 and no later.

All correspondence should be addressed to: Matt Mazur, PopMatters Contributing Editor, mazur AT popmatters.com.

We look forward to assembling this feature series and hope that you find it both interesting and worthy of your participation!


Matt Mazur

Columnist & Contributing Editor

mazur AT popmatters.com