Forro in the Dark - Light a Candle (new album / MP3)

Forro in the Dark

Light a Candle

(Nat Geo Music)

Releasing: 29 September 2009

The Brazilian New Yorkers return with a new record this fall, the songs having been honed during their intense weekly gig at Nublu in NYC. Light a Candle will feature guest appearances from singer-songwriter Jesse Harris, as well as Sabina Sciubba, the frontwoman of Brazilian Girls, another NYC-based band with roots in Brazilian music.


01 Bandinha

02 Saudades de Manezinho Araujo

03 Nonsensical

04 Better Than You

05 Baiao Embolado

06 Perro Loco

07 Lilou

08 Silence Is Golden

09 Anao de Jardim

10 Lampiao Chegou

11 Caipirinha

12 Forro de Dois Amigos

13 Just Like Every Other Night

Forro in the Dark

"Perro Loco" [MP3]


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