Olivia Broadfield - Eyes Wide Open (new album / MP3 / video)

Olivia Broadfield

Eyes Wide Open


Released: 14 July 2009 (US)

Olivia Broadfield is a new singer-songwriter from the UK whose tunes have been featured on MTV's The Real World and The Hills. The video for "Silence", which you can check out below, is a certified hit, making VH1's Hot 20.


01 The Weight

02 Don't Cry

03 Indescribable

04 Holding Onto You

05 Hang On

06 Lost In You

07 Safe

08 Probably Nothing

09 Don't Let Go

10 Silence

11 Eyes Wide Open

12 Crashing Down

13 Save Me (With Day Life)

Olivia Broadfield

"Don't Cry" [MP3]


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