Guy Clark - Somedays the Song Writes You (new album / stream)

Sarah Zupko

Guy Clark

Somedays the Song Writes You


Releasing: 22 September (US)

Guy Clark has long been one of those artists greatly beloved by other respected artists. Bob Dylan recently told the Huffington Post that Clark is one of his favorite songwriters. He's not alone. Clark has been a pillar in the Nashville songwriting community for more than 30 years, penning classic songs, many of which have become hits for other artists including George Strait and Rodney Crowell. Clark brings a new set of modern classics Somedays the Song Writes You on September 22.

CONTEST: Dualtone is running a contest to win a co-writing session with Guy Clark. The winner will get flown to Nashville to work with Clark on a song in his home writing workshop. You have until 15 September to enter.


01 Somedays You Write the Song

02 The Guitar

03 Hemingway’s Whiskey

04 The Coat

05 All She Wants Is You

06 If I Needed You

07 Hollywood

08 Eamon

09 Wrong Side of the Tracks

10 One Way Ticket Down

11 Maybe I Can Paint Over That

Guy Clark

"The Guitar" [Stream]

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