Soulico - Exotic on the Speaker (new album / MP3)


Exotic on the Speaker


Releasing: 6 October (US)

The Tel Aviv DJs return on 6 October with a new mix CD featuring loads of hip-hop with a little bit of the Balkans thrown in for good measure.


01 El Nur ft. Ghostface, Tomer Yosef & Saz

02 Exotic on the Speaker ft. Rye Rye

03 Pitom Banu ft. Axum

04 Put ‘em Up ft. Lyrics Born & Axum

05 Darboukatron

06 SOS ft. Pigeon John & Ceci Bastida

07 Politrix ft. Del the Funky Homosapien

08 Come Back ft. Onili

09 Avood MeAhava ft. Oren Barzilay

10 We Keep On ft. Rebel Sun & Soul-J

11 Queen of Hearts ft. MC ZULU

12 Bo Be Easy ft. Axum & C. Le

13 1,000 Nights ft. Ravid Khalni

Soulico ft. Lyrics Born and Axum

"Put 'Em Up" [MP3]


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