Speech Debelle Wins the Prestigious Mercury Prize (MP3 / video / stream)

Speech Debelle won the coveted Mercury Prize last night in the UK for her album Speech Therapy. Andrew Martin called the MC "a special talent who is primed to make something of herself with a little more polishing. But don’t get it twisted: Speech Therapy is an album you want and need to hear."

She's got a few upcoming US dates as she comes to these shores for CMJ:

10/21- New York, NY; Cake shop, Terrorbird party

10/24- New York, NY; Santo's , Windish Party

10/28- Los Angeles, CA; Club NME @ Spaceland

Speech Debelle

"Better Days" (Revox) ft. Micachu and Wiley [MP3]


"Go Then, Bye" (Photomachine and El-B Remix) [MP3]


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