Mika - The Boy Who Knew Too Much (new album / MP3)


The Boy Who Knew Too Much


Releasing: 21 September

Once known as We Are Golden, Mika changed the name of his second studio album to satiate his desire for "something a little more ridiculous". He teams up once again with Life in Cartoon Motion producer Greg Wells, and shares a songwriting credit with Imogen Heap on track 8, "By the Time".


Standard Edition

01 We Are Golden

02 Blame It On The Girls

03 Rain

04 Dr. John

05 I See You

06 Blue Eyes

07 Good Gone Girl

08 Touches You

09 By The Time

10 One Foot Boy

11 Toy Boy

12 Pick Up Off The Floor

Deluxe Edition: Disc 2 Mika Live at Sadler’s Wells

01 Grace Kelly

02 Lady Jane

03 Stuck in the Middle

04 Lonely Alcoholic

05 Blue Eyes

06 Toy Boy

07 Billy Brown

08 Good Gone Girl

09 Over My Shoulder

10 Big Girl (You’re Beautiful)

11 Love Today

12 Blame It on the Girls

13 Happy Ending

14 Lollipop

15 My Interpretation

16 Rain

17 Relax, Take It Easy


Blame It on the Girls [MP3]


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