Re-Meet the Beatles – Five Decades of the Fab Four

Pitch Deadline: 5 October 2009

Final Deadline: 19 October 2009

Contact: Bill Gibron and Stuart Henderson

Email: bgibron AT / gibron AT / henderson AT

On 5 October, 1962, The Beatles first UK single – “Love Me Do” b/w “P.S., I Love You” was released – and the music world was never the same. Now, 47 years later, the Fab Four’s entire catalog has been digitally remastered and the band’s legacy revived via a media blitz that has seen tributes, salutes, re-examination of their work, and The Beatles Rock Band, the 20th Century supergroup’s entry into the world of 21st Century gaming entertainment.

In celebration of the Beatles longevity, their influence on rock and roll and popular culture, and their enduring part of the industry landscape, PopMatters is proud to announce the Special Section entitled Re-Meet The Beatles – Five Decades of the Fab Four. This massive undertaking will be divided into four main categories. Each section will focus on a particular aspect of the band’s legacy and provide a comprehensive look at what made them the most significant musical group ever.

Section 1: Album overviews

Each writer will select a single album from the group’s catalog and discuss its significance, musicianship, place in history (band and industry), as well as where it fits in the overall Beatles myth. Interested writers will pick the album they would like to address and pitch it to editors Bill Gibron and Stuart Henderson. Please include any and all Beatles albums, including compilations (Past Masters), Best-ofs (the famous Red and Blue collections) and the like.

Section 2: Favorite Songs

Part A – Top 25 Beatles Songs of All Time – each writer will offer a list of their 10 favorite Beatles songs. They will then be compiled with other lists from other members of the PM staff to create a master list. From this list, assignments will be made addressing the Top 25 Songs as chosen by the site.

Part B – Should Have Been Hits – interested writers will offer a list of their 10 “forgotten Beatle songs”, selections that should have been more popular, released as singles, recognized as significant in the band’s catalog, etc. Again, they will be compiled together in a representative selection of choices. Writers will again be assigned individual songs.

Section 3: Enduring Influence – Musical/Cultural

Speaks for itself, really. Where the Beatles fall in history, how they managed to maintain their aura of classicism throughout the decades. How they survived the ’90s neo-hipster backlash. Indeed, any approach you think ties the band to the major musical and cultural changes and challenges over the last 40 years will be welcome. Pitches should be sent to editors Bill Gibron and Stuart Henderson for approval.

Section 4: The Beatles in Other Media

Choices include The Beatles in Book. The Beatles in Film (taken by Bill Gibron). The Beatles in art and advertizing. The Beatles as part of the post-modern tabloid media. The Beatles in Videogames. The Beatles and Television. The Beatles and Album Art. The Beatles and…any other area you think significant. Pitches need to be made to editors Bill Gibron and Stuart Henderson for approval.

Time Frame:

Pitches/Album Choices/Song Selections – OCT. 5

Final Pieces and Other Material Due – OCT. 19

Participation: This is open to EVERYONE, PopMatters staff as well as members of the educational and media communities. If you believe there is someone who would be interested in participating, please pass this call along. Again, we don’t care if you passion runs toward music, television, videogame, books, or other cultural concerns. We want participation on the largest scale possible.

Any questions, comments, or concerns should be voiced to the editors for this special feature, Bill Gibron and Stuart Henderson. Email addresses: bgibron AT, gibron AT, and henderson AT