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Asobi Seksu - Rewolf (new album / MP3)

Asobi Seksu



Releasing: 10 November

Asobi Seksu's Acoustic at Olympic Studios, once available exclusively at shows, is seeing a name change and a legitimate release as Rewolf this November. Their lovely cover of the Hope Sandoval (of Mazzy Star) song, "Suzanne", is available for you to download as many times as you want, and it doesn't cost a thing. What a world.

01 Breathe Into Glass

02 Walk on the Moon

03 Meh No Mae

04 New Years

05 Blind Little Rain

06 Bossa

07 Suzanne

08 Gliss

09 Familiar Light

10 Thursday

Asobi Seksu

Suzanne [MP3]


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