Dan Deacon Fall Tour and Poster Contest

Dan Deacon is heading back out on tour next week with Nuclear Power Pants. Deacon, who is also a visual artist, is combining both of his passions into one big contest for fans (or those just trying to get some extra cash).

To celebrate the upcoming release of his album, Bromst, Deacon had the company Post Typography design an amazing new poster which includes 243 cartoon characters. In order to win this contest, your job is to ID all of the characters portrayed within the poster--be the first one to get them all correct and an amazing prize package awaits you! The contest ends at midnight, November 17.


1. $500 cash

2. A portrait of you painted by Dan Deacon

3. One of the last copies of Wham City Box set #1

4. A copy of each of Dan Deacon's first 8 impossible-to-find releases

Send your submissions to: [email protected]

The complete tour dates are after the jump.


10-01 Chapel Hill, NC - Cat's Cradle *

10-02 Atlanta, GA - Eyedrum *

10-03 Athens, GA - 40 Watt *

10-04 Birmingham, AL - Bottletree *

10-05 Nashville, TN - The End *

10-06 Memphis, TN - Hi Tone Café *

10-07 New Orleans, LA - Big Top *

10-09 Austin, TX - Emo's Alternative Lounge Outside *

10-10 Marfa, TX - The Shade Structure*

10-14 Irvine, CA - Pacific Ballrom (UC Irvine) *

10-15 Los Angeles, CA - Echo *

10-16 Los Angeles, CA - Eagle Rock Center for the Arts *

10-17 San Francisco, CA - Treasure Island Festival

10-19 Sacramento, CA - Fungarden *

10-21 Eugene, OR - Agate Hall (University of Oregon) *

10-22 Portland, OR - Worksound *

10-23 Portland, OR - Holocene *

10-24 Seattle, WA - Vera Project *

10-27 Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis *

10-29 Northfield, MN The Cave (Carleton College) *

10-30 Chicago, IL - Logan Square Auditorium *

11-01 Gambier, OH - The Horn Gallery *

11-03 Toronto, Ontario - Sneaky Dees *

11-04 Toronto, Ontario - Great Hall *

11-05 Montreal, Quebec - Il Motore *

11-06 Montreal, Quebec - Eastern Bloc *

11-07 Middlebury, VT - Middlebury College *

11-08 Boston, MA - Pozen Center (Mass. College of Art) *

11-09 Pawtucket, RI - Machines *

11-10 Northampton, MA - Pearl Street Nightclub *

11-13 Troy, NY - Experimental Media & Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute *

11-14 Worcester, MA - The Grind (Clark University) *

11-15 Ithaca, NY - Emerson Suites (Ithaca College) *

* with Nuclear Power Pants

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