Capgun Coup - Maudlin (new album / MP3)

Capgun Coup


(Team Love)

Releasing: 3 November

In Capgun Coup's song about bad bands, "Bad Bands", they make a compelling argument: "Bad bands are my favorite bands because / bad bands are my favorite bands". I'm sold.


01 Computer Screens And TVs

02 Sitting On The Sidewalk

03 Ari Are We?

04 Got Alot of Gull

05 Only The Times Are Changing

06 Fishlip

07 Wish I Was A Fag

08 Now That I'm Home

09 Farnam Street ?

10 Pretty City

11 Bad Bands

12 For Fish

13 When I'm Gone

14 Breaks No Heart Of Mine

Capgun Coup

Bad Bands [MP3]     

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